About Dr. Sarah de la Torre

Dr. Sarah de la Torre is a highly accomplished, double board-certified physician with an impressive 24-year career focused on women’s health. Her unwavering dedication to enhancing the well-being of women has earned her a stellar reputation in the medical field.

As a board-certified OBGYN, Dr. de la Torre boasts a rich and rewarding professional history, which includes delivering over 4000 babies, performing various surgeries, and guiding women on their lifelong health and wellness journeys. However, despite her success, she remained committed to expanding her knowledge, particularly in the realm of hormonal balance.

Dr. de la Torre pursued advanced certifications, becoming a board-certified Lifestyle Medicine practitioner by the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine, a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner at the prestigious Institute of Functional Medicine, and a Certified Menopause Physician through the North American Menopause Society. This unique blend of expertise equips her to offer comprehensive, individualized care, seamlessly merging traditional and holistic approaches for her patients.

What sets Dr. de la Torre apart is not just her extensive knowledge but also her authentic and relatable demeanor. Patients often describe her as approachable and warm, creating an atmosphere of comfort and understanding. She places great emphasis on nurturing strong and trusting relationships with her patients, taking the time to truly listen to their unique needs and concerns.

Beyond her clinical practice, Dr. de la Torre has significantly impacted the field of women’s health. She has acted as a medical consultant and spokesperson for television and video, effectively disseminating her expertise to a broader audience. Her involvement in developing products tailored to women’s health needs underscores her commitment to innovation and enhancing the lives of women. (Joylux.com) Additionally, she serves as a Clinical Faculty Member at the esteemed University of Washington School of Medicine.

Whether the focus is on hormone optimization, gynecological matters, sexual wellness, or general women’s well-being, Dr. de la Torre is resolute in delivering top-tier care. Her approach combines firsthand clinical experience, a strong research foundation, and a deep understanding of product development to ensure that her patients receive the finest care possible.

Dr Sarah de la Torre

Hourly Services

Dr de la Torre charges for her time and expertise by the hour and you can consider this hour your time to talk about whatever your hormone health and wellness concerns and goals are.


Dr. de la Torre has membership offerings if you desire access to her via text, phone or email outside of your consult time.  Membership also offers discounts on consults, testing and nutraceuticals.

Package Pricing

Dr. de la Torre can work with you to determine a package price to help achieve your specific wellness goal.  Package pricing also includes access to Dr. de la Torre and offers discounts on consults, testing and nutraceuticals.

Group Consultations

Book Dr. de la Torre for a group consult to address your group’s health, hormone and wellness concerns.